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Letter: Insulting Democrats is par for the course

Insulting Democrats is par for the course

This letter is in response to one I read in The News on Jan. 28, “Crybaby Democrats need to grow up now.” The writer reveals exactly what the mindset of the majority of Trump supporters is: demeaning, sarcastic, scornful, divisive and nasty.

The vast majority of Democrats who expected a Hillary Clinton victory got just what we expected – Clinton received almost 3 million more votes than Trump. His victory was not a mandate or landslide, as he would have us all believe. Even now Trump, with his notoriously thin skin, is still trying to prove that all those votes against him were illegal. He simply refuses to believe that more voters chose Clinton.

I can only hope that as this administration continues, his supporters remain so devoted and pleased with their president. This may be difficult as more alternative facts are produced and more reasonable government employees are silenced as provable scientific facts are erased and ignored. It remains to be seen how many of the promises Trump made will be brought to fruition.

Despite what the writer suggests, we Democrats are not sucking our thumbs in despair or changing what we believe. We are instead organizing and figuring out what we can legally do to prevent a travesty such as this from ever occurring again.

Cathleen Meyers

Clarence Center

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