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Letter: Americans can’t have it both ways

Americans can’t have it both ways

There is an ongoing and agonizing debate about the implications to the consuming public in tariffs being assessed to goods crossing into the United States. The funds allocated for building “the wall” will need to be recovered. But there is a fear of higher prices coming out of Mexico. If higher tariffs are a deal breaker to American companies that relocated to Mexico, then I guess they’ll have to return here.

But wait! The daunting effect of the outcry for a $15 minimum wage is now front and center. Has anyone considered what that movement is destined to do in regard to the costs of goods and services? And is that looming as a deterrent to the same American companies that fled to avoid paying the current median hourly rates here?

What’s the alternative? Is it no wall or backing off the disaster that comes with an exorbitant minimum wage that people have to come to expect as a standard of living? Looks like the “do-gooders” have painted themselves into a corner.

James Monteleone


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