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Front page, Feb. 5, 1917: Buffalo brass plant offers services to President Wilson

Here are some highlights from the Buffalo Evening News from Feb. 5, 1917:

* President Woodrow Wilson is hoping to avoid hostilities as the U.S. prepares for a diplomatic break with Germany. The U.S. Embassy is awaiting instructions after President Wilson stated his intentions to sever ties before a joint session of Congress the previous day. The article reads: "President Wilson believes his long struggle to preserve the country's peace has not yet been lost." The U.S. will not officially enter World War I until April.

* The Buffalo Copper and Brass Mill on Military Road offered its services to the country to produce brass shells. In 1917, the plant was the largest brass manufacturing factory of its kind in the world and employed 4,500 people.

* The headline "Buffalo will be prepared for struggle" details the local Red Cross' efforts to prepare for an emergency. The Buffalo chapter makes a front-page plea to raise $30,000 for a new hospital.

* A small item with the headline "Overcome by cold, woman collapses" tells the story of a woman who got off a Clinton street car in Buffalo's Kaisertown neighborhood, wandered around in the cold and collapsed in a nearby barn. A man discovered her and she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Here's the front page of the Buffalo Evening News from Feb. 5, 1917:

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