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Letter: Workers have earned their Social Security

Workers have earned their Social Security

I really need to stop reading political opinion columns, as my blood pressure is high enough already. Robert Samuelson’s op-ed in the Jan. 27 News is another example of why. He states, “the rewards of government go mostly to ‘the people’ through massive transfer programs such as Social Security.” He also includes Medicare, and others, in this group of programs. The problem I have with this is the bastardization of the term “entitlements” by pundits, liberal politicians and the mainstream media.

Social Security and Medicare really are entitlements; it’s my money that was taken from me and my employers over the course of my working career, and I am entitled to get it back, with interest. Unfortunately, my money is already gone, and my Social Security checks are actually coming out of what our children, nieces and nephews are putting in today. Social Security was never supposed to be part of the federal budget, but the political spending junkies in D.C. couldn’t stand to see such a large amount of money just sitting in trust for the people it belonged to, so they “borrowed” it to use elsewhere. They have yet to pay it back.

Welfare, food stamps and Medicaid are not entitlements; these are the “transfer programs,” aka handouts. The government takes money from those who work for it and gives it to other people, many of whom don’t. I have no problem giving a temporary hand up to someone who has fallen on hard times, but it should not be for the rest of their life. I have my own bills to pay.

Remember, the best helping hand should be at the end of your own arm.

Philip A. Kaczmarek


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