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Letter: Trump ought to spend some time with refugees

Trump ought to spend some time with refugees

Maybe President Trump should spend some time meeting with a refugee family from Syria or paying a visit to a restaurant owned by a hard-working Mexican or Arab family and allow them to tell him their stories. I don’t think the man has ever spent time with anybody outside of his own comfort zone of white privilege – private jets, fancy hotels, golf courses, island resorts, executive board rooms and billionaires.

Maybe he would truly learn something from these experiences. Fear seems to be the No. 1 motivating factor in the dangerous decisions he is making. If he truly took the time to get to know what working people face and struggle with every day, maybe his perspective would change.

Some of the most beautiful and heartfelt people in my life are my Muslim friends who settled here from the Middle East. They are some of the most welcoming, kind, considerate and precious human beings I have ever met and it’s breaking my heart to see how frightened they now are for their futures and the safety of their families.

This is not what America stands for! Trump and his bandwagon of followers have created a monster and it must be stopped. Dear God, please help us make America kind again!

Cory James Gallagher


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