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Front page, Feb. 3, 1917: U.S. breaks diplomatic relations with Germany

Here are some highlights from the Buffalo Evening News from Feb. 3, 1917:

* "BREAK WITH KAISER," the headline screams. President Woodrow Wilson has finally decided to break diplomatic relations with Germany, following unrestricted submarine attacks. President Wilson delivered the famous message to a joint session of Congress, saying, "We shall not believe that they are hostile to us unless and until we are obliged to believe it; and we purpose nothing more than the reasonable defense of the undoubted rights of our people."

* A new article to Mexico's Constitution was passed restricting foreigners. Land owners were required to renounce their native lands and declare allegiance to the Mexican government.

* A fire in the Exchange Street train station ripped through the offices of the New York Central Station and destroyed the tower completely. The story reads: "The greatest loss to the company is the destruction of telegraphic equipment used for correspondence between the officials of the company. Defective electric wiring is believed to have caused the fire."

Here's the front page of the Buffalo Evening News from Feb. 3, 1917:

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