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Letter: Tunnel is the best way to meet the needs of all

Tunnel is the best way to meet the needs of all

The proposed changes to the Scajaquada Expressway include more intersections that will make the park more dangerous and slow traffic. This kind of incompetence is what is driving people out of our community. There is nothing there that makes it worth $100 million, because it satisfies no one’s interests.

The team assigned to this project ignored the petitions submitted for problems that needed to be addressed in the design, submitting to the record only those that agreed with what they had already decided to do, shutting down public input and stepping over the democratic process.

The lack of forethought of the State Department of Transportation engineers was demonstrated by the huge accident on Interstate 90 in December 2015, where the Cleveland Drive entrance ramp was so poorly designed that it caused a fatal crash only weeks after it reopened.

Route 198 was ill-conceived, but it did address a problem at the time, and completely undoing the work of previous generations would be compounding the mistake. This section of it should be a tunnel, to allow restoration of the original Olmsted design above it. Park users would be much safer, and commuters could maintain a more efficient speed.

This idea could also be extended to serve the needs of the Humboldt community, to restore the parkway between Martin Luther King and Delaware Parks that the Kensington Expressway destroyed.

For safety and efficiency, we need this tunnel – and Buffalo deserves it.

Matthew Anger


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