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Letter: Trump is a good man, let’s give him a chance

Trump is a good man, let’s give him a chance

I am hoping that readers will try to understand how demeaning it is to President Trump to protest, as happened on Inauguration Day. So many don’t understand what a good man he is. When you see the love his five children have for him, you know that is a sign he is a good man.

Some people think he doesn’t like women. How ridiculous is that when he has many women on his team working for him? Then there is the controversy about the wall he wants built. He is just trying to protect the American people. As far as deporting people, he only wants to deport the criminals, not the good, hardworking people. Remember, it is against the law to come into this country illegally. Do we want to see another 9/11 happen here? He is trying to prevent it.

I know many are worried about how he would handle the nuclear bomb. He doesn’t want to destroy the country he loves. Please stop being so narrow-minded and give him a chance. All he wants is a chance to prove to the doubters that he can be a darn good president.

Anna Sardella

North Tonawanda

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