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Letter: Simple solutions cannot solve complex problems

Simple solutions cannot solve complex problems

The Jan. 27 News carried an Another Voice asserting that suffragettes were opposed to abortion. Ten minutes with Google gives quite a different viewpoint. But then, we live in an age when facts, (alternative or otherwise) are treated with disdain. Susan B. Anthony criticized her colleagues for having sex, let alone having families, when they should have been engaged in “the cause.” At a time when half the children never reached age 5 due to disease and poor living conditions, the unwanted usually slipped under the radar. Abortion was not an issue at the founding of our republic, only becoming so in the fake, prudish Victorian era of the late 19th century.

As a young physician who came of age before Roe v. Wade, I was part of a team called upon three or four times a week to repair the damage of botched abortions. The memory of a desperate woman, at death’s door, already four times a mother, who tried to abort herself with an ice pick has haunted me for six decades. Thanks to her young age and modern medicine, she survived.

I would guess the women marching in the pro-life movement never read the Roe opinion, a very scholarly, compassionate, exhaustive narrative going back to the origin of writing. My reading of history reveals simple minds creating simple solutions to complex problems that have vexed civilizations since the dawn of time. Were these people serious, they would be marching for women to get prenatal care, newborns to have healthy birthing conditions, immunizations, nutrition, housing, education and a lifestyle in keeping with a modern advanced society.

Two millennia ago, a good and kind man was executed for the transgression of confronting the self-righteous, heartless, hypocrisy of the rich and powerful of the day. I see history repeating itself.

Ross Markello


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