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Letter: Odd how former foes now support Trump

Odd how former foes now support Trump

Only a few short months ago, congressional Republicans were claiming that Donald Trump was: a jerk; an embarrassment; a bully; utterly amoral; a pathological liar; a sniveling coward; out of his depth; absurd; offensive; ridiculous; a carnival barker; not qualified; a nut job; ill suited; a loser as a person; race baiting; xenophobic; a religious bigot; divisive; full of bluster; no substance; a phony; a fraud; very dishonest; an unserious and unstable narcissist. These are his current supporters, mind you.

It is the duty of conscientious Americans to badger their representatives until this clear and present danger has been removed from harm’s way, and the mantle of immense power has been taken off his shoulders. This flawed and unworthy narcissist must be reined in, for his own sake, and for the sake of the USA, and for the stability of our international relationships.

Let’s not try to normalize President Trump. He’s the product of a highly dysfunctional election. Raise a fuss. Vladimir Putin may have set this calamity in motion, just to see how we like it. Don’t assume things will be OK, because they won’t. History shows us the tragic consequences of a demagogue. Study the bizarre chain of events that put Trump in the situation he finds himself in. He’s not able to control himself, much less run a nation. Badger Congress, spread the word, before we are seeing this clearly in hindsight.

Franklin LaVoie


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