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Letter: Let’s not go overboard with Route 198 plans

Let’s not go overboard with Route 198 plans

I have lived in the Delaware Park area of Buffalo for 37 years and take daily walks in the area about five times a week during various times of the day. I usually walk over the pedestrian bridge to the Hoyt Lake area of Delaware Park. During my walks I see few walkers and fewer bicyclists.

I do not understand the need to reconfigure Route 198 as is currently proposed at a cost of $101 million. This cost seems excessive even by New York State standards for something that will benefit a few at the great inconvenience of many, seeing that there will be six or seven traffic lights installed between Parkside Avenue and Grant Street.

This proposal is a good example of how a well-organized, vocal minority can impose its will on the majority of the residents of Buffalo and Western New York. It is also a good example of how our elected political officials have no regard for fiscal prudence.

I do believe changes should be made to Route 198, but not to the level proposed.

Robert O’Donnell


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