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Letter: All people are entitled to quality health care

All people are entitled to quality health care

In my job as a medical assistant at ECMC, I have witnessed the struggles of patients navigating the unnecessarily complex health care delivery system. One of the most frustrating and at times heartbreaking duties of my job is to field calls from patients whose insurance companies require prior authorization for their life-sustaining prescriptions or medical tests. Currently there are hundreds of insurance plans with different requirements and processes to obtain these prior approvals.

Despite experiencing these same difficulties, I am lucky to have good employer health insurance coverage not only for myself but also for my husband and my son until he turns 26 thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Many of my extended family members and friends are not so lucky, and are forced to choose high-deductible plans because premiums for traditional coverage are out reach financially for them.

President Trump has already put the repeal of the Affordable Care Act process in motion with no proposal for replacement. Some 20 million Americans, including close to 3 million New Yorkers, will lose their health insurance. New York has an opportunity to show the federal government how single-payer health care can work by passing the New York Health Act. I volunteer for the Campaign for NY Health ( because I believe everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care in a single-payer Medicare-for-all type delivery system. Health care is a human right for all citizens – not just for those who can afford it.

Carol Sandy Przybylak


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