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Letter: Hidden taxes and fees hurting all New Yorkers

Hidden taxes and fees hurting all New Yorkers

I recently saw The News article describing the hidden taxes and fees in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new budget. This is not a new technique for increasing taxes, but it has been brought to a whole new level by state, county and local governments. The idea is to increase the fees/taxes on a small group of individuals, which we will eventually all belong to in the future.

A simple example would be the transfer fees when you register a new vehicle. Everyone must pay the fee eventually, but the group of people affected at any one time is small. There is no large outcry that the governing bodies have to acknowledge.

Or an even better option is to apply fees to groups we don’t particularly care about, like cigar smokers, or to groups we have no direct contact with, like local businesses burdened by state and local fees. This results in both individuals and businesses leaving the state for greener pastures.

When government agencies say they are going to increase revenues, they make it sound like it’s a good thing. In business, you always want to increase your revenue, because that generally results in more success. Unfortunately, when government increases revenue, your taxes go up. And as we all know, that is not a good thing.

Fred Oddi

Orchard Park

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