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Letter: Don’t waste millions changing Scajaquada

Don’t waste millions changing Scajaquada

A picture is worth a thousand words. The photo in the News on Jan. 26 showed approximately 50 people in attendance at a meeting with state Department of Transportation officials to discuss changes to the Scajaquada Expressway. This compares with the 80,000 vehicles (DOT data) using the roadway on a daily basis. This small group wants to impose its narrowly focused and, I feel, misguided perspective on how we should live.

Their goal is to create unnecessary barriers to driving to push people to take public transportation. They talk about traffic calming. This is nothing more than a euphemism for motorist enraging. They talk about being bike- and pedestrian-friendly. There is already a bike path along the Scajaquada. I know; I ride it regularly. You can walk it if you want to.

Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric. They want us to waste $100-plus million on an imaginary problem created to push their view of how we should live. It is much safer to walk on existing bike paths and in neighborhoods when those in a hurry have a clear path designed for that purpose. Those 80,000 vehicles have to go somewhere. Neighborhood streets will be overflowing with traffic as motorists clog city streets.

The DOT should have a regional perspective and not be guided by a small group pushing a narrow agenda. And by the way, I regularly commute to work via a bike so keep an eye out for us cyclists trying to keep in shape.

Michael Blenk


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