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Letter: Building Southern wall won’t make us any safer

Building Southern wall won’t make us any safer

“Trump to order Mexican wall,” read a headline in the Jan. 25 News. It gives me an uneasy pause and makes me wonder how many Americans are really comfortable with the idea and feel it will make us so much safer. It is just a guess on my part, but I think the safety of most of us will not be affected at all.

Maybe the wall is meant to be symbolic of our strength. But is this the way we want our neighbors, or the rest of the world, to think of us? America puts up walls to divide. Is that the way we want to think of ourselves?

Maybe the billions the wall will cost us (Mexico will probably not pay this bill) can be put to better use. How about if we spend our tax dollars on increasing the number of border agents and giving them the best technology to make their efforts more effective. Or how about spending the billions to improve our cities. Think of the places in Buffalo that could use the help.

We are the greatest country on earth. We need to think about what makes us so great.

Kathleen Andrews

Clarence Center

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