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10 things to know as you RRRoll up the Rim at Tim Hortons

It doesn't have the built-in faux excitement of Groundhog Day. It doesn't quite generate the thrill of pitchers and catchers reporting. It doesn't match the lore of the swallows returning to Capistrano.

But as a local sign of spring, you could do worse than the start of the annual RRRoll Up The Rim promotion at Tim Hortons, which starts today and runs through mid-April or until the cups run out, whichever comes first.

(By the way, it really is "RRRoll"; you're supposed to roll your tongue when you say it.)

In drive-thru lanes across Western New York today, the joy of having your morning dose of caffeine will include an extra shot of excitement that with a little effort, if you remember, you could win cash and/or prizes if something magical is printed under the rim of your cup, which you must "RRRoll" up.

The 2017 RRRoll up the Rim to Win cup from Tim Hortons.

With that in mind, and because we had a few minutes to kill, we reached out to Erika Berg of Alison Brod Marketing + Communications, which works with Timmy's on the promotion, to see if she could tell us some stuff about it that we might want to know.

Amazingly, she agreed and came up with 10 things you should know about the promotion. Here's what she said:

*If you struggle to roll up the rim, you could always buy a plastic keychain called a Rim Roller, that is designed specifically to help you roll up the rim.

*Slow and steady thumb-rolling is the No. 1 roll technique, according to more than half of Timmy guests. Using your teeth is preferred by 24 percent of guests.

*According to a survey done by Tim Hortons, one-third of customers say that they finish their entire coffee before rolling their cup for good luck.

*In 2014, Tim Hortons introduced the Roll Up the Rim “pre-cup” agreement (as in “pre-nup”) which is designed to clear up any confusion as to who’s legally entitled to collect that free donut or medium coffee.

*Some 430 million medium coffees have been won – enough to fill 73 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

*More than $810 million in Tim Cards have been won, as have 4.8 trillion (yes, trillion) medium double-doubles. That's enough for the world's entire population for two years.

*The quality of prizes has increased dramatically since 1986. The first year of the iconic Roll Up the Rim to Win contest, the biggest prize you could win was... drumroll please... wait for it... a pack of Timbits!

*Although there is plenty of folklore suggesting that size XL cups offer the greatest chances to win, in reality, every size cup offers the same chances to win!

*The odds of winning a coffee or food prize in Canada and the States are the exact same (1 in 6).

*Don’t forget to keep your entire cup if you win, it may help claim your prize.

*In a news release, Tim Hortons said prizes this year include three grand prizes of a 2017 Honda Civic Coupe EX-T. Also available are 55-inch TVs, $5,000 prepaid card prizes, 500 $100 TimCards and more than 2 million coffee and doughnut prizes.


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