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Letter: Employers save money by making workers quit

Employers save money by making workers quit

There can be many issues over the period of employment that lead people to quit their job. I feel it is unfair that unemployment officials only want to know the information about what happened the day you decided to finally quit. In my case, there were many issues over a period of three years that led to my decision. The last three months of my employment were particularly difficult.

Perhaps employers let things continue so people will quit instead of firing them. It is hard to get unemployment if you quit; if you get fired, more than likely you will receive unemployment. How many years must you listen to your employer say he’ll take care of many different situations that affect the entire office negatively, but things still remain the same?

You are entitled to an unemployment hearing, but when it’s based only on what happened the day you finally decided to quit, it seems the outcome would be the same.

Lori Glose

West Seneca

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