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Letter: There is only one Wall, it’s dedicated to veterans

There is only one Wall, it’s dedicated to veterans

It’s about time President Trump had a history lesson. He’s constantly talking about building a wall along the Southern border. He calls it his wall.

Trump should know that there is only one wall in this country and it is called The Wall. It is inscribed with the names of 58,272 men and women who were killed in Vietnam. This is The Wall and it’s the only wall that matters. The Wall was built with donations from everyday people and not from the government or people like Trump. His wall will be paid for by our money, which will never, ever be recouped from Mexico.

Trump’s wall is a joke. The Wall is a tribute to the United States of America and all of the men and women who served their country, and especially those who served in Vietnam.

Ronald F. Dobiesz

Proud Vietnam Veteran

North Tonawanda

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