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Letter: Single-payer health care will benefit entire nation

Single-payer health care will benefit entire nation

It’s time for America to get into the 21st century with our health care system. Individuals and businesses will benefit from a single-payer system. Everyone will be covered. Health insurance will not be a cost factor for doing business.

It helps individuals contemplating the start of a new business. It benefits small businesses that want to hire more employees or expand. Businesses will be more likely to employ more full-time employees instead of a multitude of part-timers. Businesses competing with overseas companies will become more competitive without health care expenses. School districts can reduce budgets and tax levies. Local and county governments can lower budgets and tax levies. Veterans get the medical help they need immediately.

We need a good basic plan to cover everyone through our network of insurance companies and the doctors of our choice. Those wanting extra benefit coverage for things such as elective cosmetic surgery, private rooms and other controversial/divisive issues can purchase supplemental coverage at their own additional, private expense.

Other advantages and disadvantages can be brought to light. We are one of the richest nations in the world, and we should not let the loud voices and big money dictate that we get total, costly protection from military adversaries, but limited protection from other enemies, like illness and disease.

Paul J. Wasielewski


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