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Bettman says league continuing to study replay technology

LOS ANGELES -- No Goal is part of the lexicon when the Sabres meet the Dallas Stars and it came to the forefront again Thursday night in American Airlines Center when two replay reviews went against the Sabres, including a potential tying goal with 11 seconds left.

Both plays were ruled inconclusive because neither league officials in the Toronto war room nor game officials on the ice could clearly see the puck in the net. Commissioner Gary Bettman said Saturday the league is working on that issue.

"Whenever a ruling goes against a club, they always are unhappy," Bettman acknowledged when asked by The News about the Sabres' situation during his All-Star briefing with reporters in Staples Center.

"We do have the best replay system in the business. All the other leagues have gone to school on us. Centralization, we were the first to do it and to have constant communication with the buildings. We have lots and lots of cameras and we spare no expense.

"Having said that, we are seeking the best technology that we have is scaleable to make it even possible -- and I'm not saying tomorrow -- but we're looking at things that will enable us to to know exactly where the puck is. And whether or not it crossed the line, so we won't even have to see it."

That is the issue in the Sabres' plays.  An apparent second-period goal was wiped out by the puck being under Dallas goalie Kari Lehtonen and the potential tying goal was kicked out of the net by Lehtonen after the puck hung on his pad and appeared to be over the goal line.

"You will be able to know it was there, the technology will tell you," Bettman said. "That would be aspirational, something that we're working on. But it isn't ready for prime time. Because anything we install better work, and it better work right."

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