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Letter: Time to stop bickering, work together for nation

Time to stop bickering, work together for nation

My family began as passengers from the Mayflower, ultimately settling in Massachusetts and New York. Another part of the family came to this country, legally, in the 1890s. They worked, became citizens and raised law-abiding children. Of these united families, five served in World War II. Both my husbands (one of my youth and one of middle age) were Navy veterans of the same war. Three sons-in-law served in various wars and three grandsons were in the Marines and Air Force. All of our families, some with only basic educations, worked or served to help make our country strong.

None of them had the time or desire to riot, shoot, protest or march. It seems a better way would be to implore our representatives to forget politics, stop the bickering and unite to do what is necessary to return to our American way of life. Our forefathers, dedicated men, met and probably had heated discussions forming a basis for our government and came up with the Constitution of the United States. It has served us well through the years. Missing in these meetings were greed, lobbying, pork insertions, special interests, bartering and signing without reading provisions. If only we could get back to that dedication. God bless our country.

Elinor Bernacki


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