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Letter: Political correctness has gone overboard

Political correctness has gone overboard

For the past eight years, political correctness has been front and center in the media, but most everyone agrees we may have gone overboard with this foolishness. Unfortunately, one of the victims of this philosophy is the editorial section of our very own Buffalo News. I have been watching it very closely for the past six months and find that phrases like, “intelligent design,” “all-knowing, supreme being” and “creator” have completely disappeared.

These phrases are found in our Constitution, on our money, in our pledge of allegiance and in invoking our creator’s help in times of strife by our presidents. They have served us well for over 200 years, and as a subscriber to the paper, I must ask: What gives? This kind of political correctness against something great is extremely foolish and insulting to us citizens who have espoused acknowledgment of someone or something greater than ourselves. I personally find it very uplifting and politically correct when political speeches end with the phase, “God bless America.”

Norman Machynski


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