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Letter: Oligarchy has become more powerful than ever

Oligarchy has become more powerful than ever

Two questions seem prominent. One, will the government programs that support workers, aged and disabled be eviscerated? Two, does President Trump have the skills to implement the autocracy he fantasizes?

Installing one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world as America’s executive, in its protest of ever concentrating wealth among the ruling economic classes, the oligarchy is more powerful and entrenched than ever. Looking to install an executive who would run the government more efficiently as a business, it installed an executive who would run the government as his business. Surrounding himself with billionaires, “populism” has its first laugh at the populace. The electorate is therefore subjugated twice over, its economic security now buckling along with liberty itself.

As the authoritarianism now unleashed takes root, it is worthwhile to recall the prototype of the total state as the free nations of Europe fell in the 1930s: mass deportation schemes were at the nucleus of the bloodletting that was to come, as the state was reduced to an institution of organized violence in accordance with the leader principle.

Our courage and resolve in the realization and rescue of true American greatness – all of our liberties as embodied in our Constitution – will be tested every day. It will follow from our ability and willingness to look unfolding tyranny in the face and resist, as our founders taught. “We the People” has never been a more sacred task.

Robert Sandgrund


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