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Letter: ‘Mainstream’ media has lost people’s trust

‘Mainstream’ media has lost people’s trust

The writer of a recent letter to the editor bemoans the fact that “mainstream” has become an epithet referring to dishonest reporting and wonders how this could have happened. In case she missed the past 18 months of election coverage, I have decided to fill her in.

“Mainstream” became an epithet when CNN contributor Donna Brazile provided Hillary Clinton with debate questions.

“Mainstream” became an epithet when Politico writer Glenn Thrush sent an article to the Clinton campaign for approval.

“Mainstream” became an epithet when BuzzFeed published a debunked dossier, which they could neither confirm nor deny, to smear the incoming president.

“Mainstream” became an epithet when CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said it was illegal for regular citizens, but not the media, to possess stolen documents (WikiLeaks).

“Mainstream” became an epithet when ABC News published a nationwide poll on Oct. 30 sampling nearly 10 percent more Democrats than Republicans.

“Mainstream” became an epithet when the Washington Post retracted a false story about Russians hacking the power grid after the election.

“Mainstream” became an epithet when a CNN article following Clinton’s collapse at a 9/11 memorial service claimed “fainting spells (and near-fainting) are quite commonly seen in healthy people.”

Considering just these few examples from a year and a half of incessant deceit, perhaps President Trump’s label of the media as “fake news” is an understatement.

Matthew Berardi


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