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Letter: Great ‘counterpuncher’ raises multiple red flags

Great ‘counterpuncher’ raises multiple red flags

Unlike some Republicans who wanted President Barack Obama to fail, I, a Democrat, want President Trump to succeed. I, like many Americans, can’t help but see the red flags almost daily from our newly elected president. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican, you have to have some concerns.

He calls himself a great counterpuncher and is very proud of that. He has proven to be a great counterpuncher against POWs, women, minorities and the press. Usually, the counterpunch is because of some petty thing that would be ignored by most adults.

He said he will release his tax returns, but that is just a lie. This is important because the American people should know what conflicts of interest he has with other powers of the world. If a property owned by Trump in another part of the world was attacked by someone, how would the great counter-puncher react? Over-reaction here could be disastrous.

For the first time in my life, I feel there could be a civil war with the way he has divided our country. Would it surprise anyone if he got us into a world war? I pray and hope that if he starts to go in that direction, the American people will stop him before it’s too late.

Kenneth Bermel


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