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Letter: Conway has no idea why women marched

Conway has no idea why women marched

When I heard Kellyanne Conway say she didn’t get the point of the Women’s March, held the day after President Trump was inaugurated, I had a flashback to the reported-on-reason she was hired by the Trump campaign.

Conway’s company bio says, “the RNC tasked Kellyanne with helping to defeat the so-called War on Women.” One division of her polling company, WomanTrend, tracks “the social, cultural, financial, professional and health trends influencing – and being influenced by – women,” the company website says. The Review Journal says she was hired to fix Trump’s image with women by urging him to “show more compassion and not insult their looks.”

No wonder she is all about “alternative facts.” If she was truly hired to fix Trump’s image with women, I think the march showed just how deep, intense and negative that image is and how miserably she failed at her task. No wonder she didn’t get the point of the march. She really doesn’t get it.

Maybe it is time for her to “get it” and stop supporting “alternative facts” and promoting lies and pretending to be anything but an opportunist. If memory serves, she was supporting and working for Ted Cruz this time last year.

We all have the right in this country to express our views, and we all have views that may not match those of our friends, relatives, neighbors or even spouses or partners, but airing them is our right – unless that is going to be stripped away by a certain new guy in town. Lord help us all!

Lynn Barry


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