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Letter: Collins’ smug attitude is repugnant to many

Collins’ smug attitude is repugnant to many

My congressman, Chris Collins, likened his Democratic counterpart, Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, to a “spoiled child” who “run(s) around and throw(s) a tantrum.” Lewis had said that Donald Trump was not a “legitimate president” because of intelligence claims that Russia interfered in our election to Trump’s benefit.

Collins said, “It shows you again how upset they are when they were so smug they left Congress knowing Hillary Clinton is going to win. We should all actually just kind of grin a little bit …”

I really have to wonder who the smug one is. One is a humble man who speaks in measured tones. The other is a gloater who throws in our faces the victory of Trump, the man who spread the birther lie to try to delegitimize a president.

Lewis nearly lost his life in 1961 when a mob in Mississippi rushed his Freedom Rider bus and knocked him cold with a baseball bat. Lewis had his skull fractured in 1965 when an Alabama state trooper assaulted him with a club as he and other marchers were attacked on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Lewis is a quiet, thoughtful man whose dignity is patent every time he speaks. Lewis, the son of sharecroppers, has no smugness in him. But Collins does, and it roars its name out loud. When was the last time Collins risked his life for a principle he cherished?

Have you or I ever shown even once in our lives the courage Lewis has shown so often?

John P. Calleri


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