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LeSean McCoy voices approval of Sean McDermott's hiring

LeSean McCoy is on board with the hiring of Sean McDermott.

The Buffalo Bills' running back has a previous relationship with the team's head coach, dating back to their time together with the Philadelpha Eagles.

Speaking Friday during an appearance on NFL Network's "Good Morning Football," McCoy said the Bills made the right call in hiring McDermott.

"I like Sean," McCoy said. "Even when I played in Philly he was there and he got fired, you know, I liked him. I think kind of back then he had to get the scapegoat. Something was going on, you know how it is, you gotta blame somebody.

"He's tough, he's honest and he's fair. I think he's the right guy for the job. The guys in Buffalo, we need somebody we can believe in and we can trust. And not to say anything bad about Rex because I love Rex. I was actually behind Rex's staying. I think it's more the players, we need to step up more. But I think that Sean is a guy who will get it done."

McCoy and McDermott were together in Philadelphia in 2009 and 2010. Despite finishing 12th in yards allowed in both those seasons, McDermott was fired after the Eagles lost in the wild-card round of the playoffs both years.

He then went to the Carolina Panthers, spending six years as the defensive coordinator there before being hired by the Bills.

"You know, I think the thing we miss most is the discipline, guys being accountable," McCoy said of what went wrong in 2016. "This is a team game, you need everybody. You need 11 guys on the field to get the job done and it starts before Sunday. It's the preparation, the leadership, the accountability to win games in this league."

As for the Super Bowl matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, McCoy explained why he's not exactly rooting against divisional rivals.

"I'm actually happy for Tom" Brady, McCoy said. "Now, I play for Buffalo, don't get me wrong, same division. But I love a player who is building on his legacy. It would mean a lot to see him win another championship. He's going down as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. You know, to build that legacy is hard, this league is hard.

"If fans and people only know how hard it is -- for that guy to keep going and going back to championships. And after this whole year with the ... I don't want to talk about it, if he were right or wrong or whatever it is, you know, they punished him. And he came right back strong. So that's amazing, an accomplishment."

In a second video clip, McCoy revisited his trade from the Eagles to the Bills two years ago, and said his initial reaction was he didn't know who linebacker Kiko Alonso -- the player he was traded for -- was.

"I just didn't understand it," McCoy said. "Usually when guys get traded it's a money situation or their game has declined, and those two things just weren't off."


"That's something I can't answer," he said when asked whether he thought it was personal. "Only thing I can think about and tell you the truth is this: Where I'm at now, I'm with a team I'm happy to be with and they reached out when I got traded and they gave me a contract. They've been special to me, very special, in a good way, so I'm happy."

In a third clip, McCoy said he had special motivation to face former Eagles coach Chip Kelly this year in his new role as coach of the 49ers.

"Yeah, just a little bit," he said. "We played them in Philly" in 2015 "and I was kind of still banged up. I couldn't give him my full potential that game. So I made sure this last one we played them, I gave them the real Shady. The one he remembers playing with."


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