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Letter: Trump’s nominees should worry us all

Trump’s nominees should worry us all

I have read with sadness the number of people who truly believe President Trump is going to make America great again. For starters, he picks Betsy DeVos, a multibillionaire who made a lucrative campaign contribution, as his nominee for education secretary. Her dismal record of pushing charter schools does not matter, because essentially she bought her position. As for the senators questioning her, she bought the majority of them as well with contributions to their campaigns. Looks like she and her billionaire friends will continue to skim off taxpayer dollars in the name of “choice.”

Then there is Rick Perry, the guy who had no clue what the job of energy secretary was and said during the debates he wanted to disband the department. So this man, who wanted to be an “ambassador for oil and gas,” is going to oversee our nuclear arsenal, replacing a nuclear physicist. Oh, and Perry doesn’t want to disband the department anymore.

And then there is Tom Price, nominee for Health and Human Services, who is a friend of Rep. Chris Collins. He just got a sweetheart deal with stock trading. Poor Martha Stewart, because when you’re not a member of Congress and you get a sweetheart deal, you go to jail.

So now we have a narcissistic billionaire in charge. When the media call him out on the truth, he retaliates and calls them fake. Unfortunately, if people bothered to look at his past, they would see a man bent on building his empire at the expense of everyone else. Welcome to the plutocracy.

Diana Butsch

West Falls

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