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Letter: Trump needs to start acting like a president

Trump needs to start acting like a president

His first full day in the White House, and President Trump is portraying the spoiled brat bully he was all through the campaign. He sent his press secretary, Sean Spicer, out to chastise the media and call them liars in their reporting of a low number of people attending the inauguration. In Trump’s acceptance speech, just the day before, he talked about jobs, health care, immigration, America’s infrastructure and that all would be “great” under his command. Yet instead of addressing these issues, he chose to act like a child who couldn’t take a little criticism.

To make matters worse, he went to his old friend, Twitter, and blasted the women who marched in Washington last Saturday, saying they should have voted. News flash, Mr. President: They did vote, but it wasn’t for you.

No matter, though, who voted for who, or how many or how few people attended his inauguration, Trump is the president of all Americans and it’s time he started acting like it. He put his hat in the ring and, heaven knows why, he won. Maybe he wasn’t expecting it – I know I wasn’t – but he got the job and he needs to do it with grace and dignity, for all our sakes.

Mary F. Carroll


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