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Letter: Stop adding fuel to fire and give Trump a chance

Stop adding fuel to fire and give Trump a chance

One thing I believe everyone can agree on is that this election has brought out so many disagreements between so many people. What I don’t get is that when Donald Trump was elected president, people started ripping him to shreds, refusing to give him a chance even before he was actually sworn in.

As far as all the protesters, especially the singers and actresses who were very vocal against this president, where were they months ago? He was declared the winner back in November. Why didn’t any of them contact him, which they had the power to do, and ask to meet with him to discuss some of the issues? No, they would rather go in front of thousands of people and know that the television stations would cover the march where they could “showboat.” None of them fool me. Madonna should be locked up for her idiotic comment about “blowing up” the White House.

As far as the different news media stations, last Saturday I decided to put on CNN. What a biased station! I will never watch it again. We should all get behind the new president regardless of who you are. Quit adding more fuel to an ever-burning fire. It’s not right.

Karen Gall


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