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Letter: School Board offers lesson in hypocrisy

School Board offers lesson in hypocrisy

I am writing in regard to the Carl Paladino situation, which I am not trying to defend. The School Board was faced with more than one racially tinged incident, as was the City of Buffalo. But for some reason, these incidents were treated very differently.

In 2015, a member of the board was accused of disseminating an extremely racist flyer during the election process, which she did not deny, yet for some reason unknown to all, the board is not only not calling for her resignation, it is totally silent regarding the author of said screed, which makes one wonder how serious it is about racism.

Then we have the mayor of Buffalo who, according to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court, said he was “sick of white developers” getting so much work. I think it is reasonable to conclude that if a supervisor from any of our suburban towns had made the same statement in the inverse, there would have been quite a large and long-lasting hue and cry for that person’s dismissal.

So it appears what we have here is a teachable moment, but what the School Board has decided to teach the children of Buffalo is a lesson in hypocrisy.

Patrick Kelly

Grand Island

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