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Letter: President is well-versed in Orwellian doublespeak

President is well-versed in Orwellian doublespeak

Words matter with this president. We now have newly made-up words, incredible as it is and incredulous as he is. President Trump’s electors drank the “Kampaign Kool-Aid” as the world is now presented with “alternative facts” and metrics created in his Orwellian upside down land (metrics about the size of the inaugural crowd).

Disinformation is for dictators and our press needs to continue to hold him to account, however uncomfortable and inconvenient. He was elected on empty words and those will ring hollow soon.

Even as a previous letter writer encouraged Democrats to stop the “foolishness of opposing” the president, he demonstrated, on day one, what a fool he truly is and what fools he thinks the media are. The Fourth Estate should consider boycotting these Trump ego shows that fuel his addiction for his vainglorious attention. Apparently, for him, size really does matter.

Trump’s love of America is fashioned by his own definitions, as he is exhibit number one as America’s first dictator.

Deanne Plonka


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