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Letter: Obama led our country with intelligence, grace

Obama led our country with intelligence, grace

The News recently printed an op-ed by Charles Krauthammer titled “What honeymoon?” in which he delineated some of the many problems that Donald Trump is facing as he becomes the 45th president of the United States.

What appalled me at the time I read this, and continues to appall me a week later, is the final paragraph of Krauthammer’s column in which he totally dismissed the presidency of Barack Obama as “nothing more than a historical parenthesis.”

How can I describe how very despicable I find this dismissal to be? During the past eight years, we Americans have been able to awaken each day with the knowledge that the spokesman for our nation was an intelligent, respectable person who handled every situation with a civility and grace that has not been seen in the White House for many years.

These past eight years have not been just a “historical parenthesis.” They have been an amazing attempt to show the world that America, indeed, has the potential to be a great nation.

Ruth Guyker


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