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Letter: Health care, wages key for Trump supporters

Health care, wages key for Trump supporters

In the Jan. 22 Another Voice, the writer asked why people would support President Trump, then took half of the equation away by saying it is not about Hillary Clinton. Many people voted for Trump because the alternative was totally unacceptable.

The writer then asked if I would want Trump for a neighbor, boss, friend or sitting next to me in church, and my answer is yes. His honesty and forthright answers to questions are refreshing. I ask: Would the writer prefer someone who said only what she wanted to hear with roses and champagne, or an honest and open answer?

Then the writer went on about the Affordable Care Act, which has allowed some people to get health insurance. But those who had health insurance have seen the cost of premiums increase, and the cost of deductibles has increased exponentially. So the Affordable Care Act has done nothing for the many and little for the few.

Minimum wage increases from the current levels to $15 an hour will drive many businesses to increase their prices or put them out of business. Does the writer think that someone who is asking if you want fries with that should earn more than a person in the military who protects our country? A private in the Army makes about $9 an hour based on a 40-hour work week, and often works longer hours than that.

The writer needs to put things in context and not pretend to be asking honest questions.

Louis Creola


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