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Letter: Collins’ stock antics must be investigated

Collins’ stock antics must be investigated

I am extremely disappointed in my congressman, Republican Chris Collins. First, he took a lot of time away from his district to support Donald Trump during the campaign. Every time Trump did or said something stupid, Collins was there to pick him up. Trump was “going to build a virtual wall” and “do not take him literally” were among the defenses made.

But now Collins has done something even worse. His Australian company stock purchases definitely need close examination.

He can duck and weave all he wants but two facts stand out. First, he did get the stock at a sweetheart price not available to his regular constituents, including me. He got an insider price at a bargain-basement level. Secondly, and most importantly, as a congressman he is in fact passing legislation to make his stock even more valuable.

To compound it, his fellow Republican congressman Tom Price, who is poised to become the health secretary, tried to argue his purchase was OK because he made it through a broker!

Robert Snyder

Clarence Center

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