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Letter: Americans can’t believe anything president says

Americans can’t believe anything president says

How does one express the disgust that comes when President Trump has to lie to the CIA and television viewers to boost his ego by saying he saw over a million people at his inauguration when aerial configurations indicate there were 250,000? This is a disabled man who cannot come to grips with the truth. His ego is so fragile that he had to ask CIA members if they liked his excellent inauguration speech and then waited for them to applaud. However, senior officials did not applaud.

He pats the CIA on the back while slapping workers in the face with his denial of their findings. He slammed the intelligence community repeatedly over the past few weeks in response to what he said was unfair coverage caused by leaked information from intelligence officials. On Jan. 15, he even pointed fingers directly at the outgoing CIA director, John Brennan, over Twitter. Then on the first day of his presidency, Trump applauds the CIA, says he loves them and praises them for their work in keeping the country safe.

How can we spend the next four years listening to a president who cannot tell the truth? We cannot believe what he says.

Marguerite Battaglia


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