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Before joining Chargers, Lynn thought Buffalo 'was best place for me'

MOBILE, Ala. -- Anthony Lynn wasn't merely campaigning when he said Buffalo is "where I want to be" after his lone game as interim head coach of the Bills.

He genuinely wanted the full-time job.

Lynn saw it as the best opportunity for him to take the next step in his career, despite the disastrous 30-10 loss in the season finale against the New York Jets and the questions facing the team at quarterback and with two dozen players headed for free agency.

And even since becoming the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, Lynn looks back fondly on what might have been with the Bills, who instead gave the position to Sean McDermott.

"No question," Lynn said while here watching practices for Saturday's Senior Bowl. "Well, being in Buffalo for two years (as assistant head coach/running backs and offensive coordinator on Rex Ryan's coaching staff) and understanding the community (was a plus). I really liked the Buffalo community, the fans are very loyal.

"I love the ownership there in Buffalo. Very familiar with the team. To me, that was the best place for me to be because I knew the personnel, I knew all the people I was working with and I think that was the quickest turnaround."

As days passed and other teams searching for head coaches began to show interest, Lynn realized there were other situations in which he could thrive.

When the Chargers came calling, Lynn was immediately intrigued.

"They have a quarterback (Philip Rivers), they have key players at every position, at skill positions, and young, talented defense, I thought that right there was a great opportunity," he said. "And that's where I put all my focus, was in that job after the season was over, and thank God it came through."

He has been scrambling ever since. Besides evaluating players here, Lynn also is interviewing candidates to fill openings on his coaching staff for special teams, strength and conditioning, and other assistant roles.

"Things have been happening so fast, I really haven't had enough time to sit down and just take it all in," Lynn said. "I just hit the ground running. I think I had already worked 18 hours before I even signed the contract.

"And then, four days after I took the job, we moved to L.A., and so we went on a little media deal in L.A. for a couple days, and let me tell you that was a job. That was from seven in the morning to seven at night two days straight, so it's been interesting."

Lynn wasn't surprised the Bills didn't hire him as their head coach. He was realistic that, despite being elevated to the interim spot, he had no inside track to the full-time position.

"I mean, when you think about it, how many times does the interim head coach really get the job?" Lynn said. "It doesn't happen very often. And when you fire the head coach, sometimes you just want a clean slate, and I kind of sensed that a little bit, and so I never really felt like that was my job.

"I was going to go interview as many places as I could and try to get one wherever I could."

The Bills have yet to determine whether they're going retain quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Regardless of where Taylor lands, Lynn sees a bright future for him as a starter.

"I think he's a young quarterback with upside, is what I see in Tyrod Taylor," Lynn said. "And so I think whoever gets him, they're going to get a pretty good quarterback. I know he's been around the league for awhile, but he's just a second-year starter and I think there's growth there for Tyrod Taylor."

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