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Marco Benevento's blissful disorder

Watch a television, read a newspaper or browse the Internet and one thing is clear: We’re living in a time of harrowing disorder.

Climates are shifting. Football teams are moving. A reality show host is now the president of the United States. The uncertainty and projected danger of it all can be disturbing—but all disorder should not be feared. Take the jazz-flavored selections of indie enigma Marco Benevento. A tour through the New Jersey musician’s catalog is a dizzying endeavor, taking listeners into danceable corners previously traversed by Phoenix and LCD Soundsystem; piano-accented jam escapades charted by Phish; or instrumental wandering explored by festival icons Medeski, Martin & Wood.

The unbridled joy associated with such genre disorder is for each listener to behold, though to strap in as part of a seemingly directionless journey can be unnerving. But with Benevento—whether on the uplifting instrumental thrill of single “Greenpoint” or a variety of wild tracks off his last two albums, "Swift" and “The Story of Fred Short”—his panaceatic trip is one of rhythmic catharsis, the kind that replaces fear with flow and terror with tempo. And this is a kind of disorder we can blissfully live with.

Marco Benevento  performs at 9 p.m. Jan. 31 at Buffalo Iron Works (49 Illinois St.). Maybird is scheduled to open. Tickets are $15 at the door or in advance at

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