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Letter: Trump is already doing a better job than Obama

Trump is already doing a better job than Obama

I saw Steve Breen’s editorial cartoon of former President Barack Obama standing with his hands on his hips looking at a crumbled city and saying, “My work here is done.” That is so true.

Obama had an opportunity that has not been given to many people – the chance to change this country for the better. He failed miserably.

Obama, of course, has been the celebrity president whom polls say is very likable. The only trouble is that he was not the mature president that was needed for this country. He blew the best chance he had for the black community.

We have heard from many people that they didn’t know how smart their fathers were until they themselves matured. It’s about time that many of us take on the maturity necessary to bring hope to this country.

Obama has romped with celebrities, played golf and vacationed more than many presidents. His family has taken advantage of the taxpayers’ coin for lavish vacations. The home in Hawaii must be something else. I wonder how much this would help the poor in Chicago.

The phrase, “We have one president at a time” really gets me. The thing is, President Trump started making things better for our country even before he took over. Choosing his Cabinet, arranging companies to stay in the USA and creating more jobs is staggering.

The entertainment and the poor leadership are finally over. Let’s get behind and support Trump and see what we can do to make America great again.

James Lenahan


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