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Letter: No one should have right to abort baby in the womb

No one should have right to abort baby in the womb

A recent letter writer complained about the Women’s March on Washington being a well-kept secret. Perhaps. But Friday’s March for Life in Washington, commemorating the Supreme Court ruling making abortion legal, has, for more than 40 years, brought hundreds of thousands of people together protesting the killing of babies in the womb. It has become the biggest and longest civil rights protest in the history of our country.

This huge crowd of humanity, year after year, on the doorstep of our capital has been ignored by such presidents as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Remember the feeling of American outrage when we first heard that China was killing most of its female babies? Yet, people here still deceive themselves into believing abortion is OK because it’s legal. Not everything legal is OK!

While I agree with the writer that many basic rights for women needed change, and some still do, the right to take the life of a child in the womb is absolutely not a basic human right for anyone.

President Trump’s win was nothing short of miraculous. Just perhaps it was “God’s right to choose,” because Trump said he would protect life. God listened and so did we!

Karen Flumerfeldt


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