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Letter: We have plenty to lose with Trump in power

We have plenty to lose with Trump in power

“What do you have to lose if you vote for me?” Sound familiar? These are the very words that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth when he was courting votes for the presidency of the United States. I will tell you what most of us will lose.

Social Security as we know it. (Cutbacks on allowances and higher age requirements.)

Clean air and water. (Trump and his followers do not believe in climate change.)

Medicare as we know it. (Vouchers, creating higher premiums and less care.)

Medicaid for working families and seniors in need.

Affordable Care Act. (Repeal and replace with nothing for 22 million people who now have coverage.)

Cheap renewable energy. (Oil and coal are back.)

Public education. (Vouchers to religious and private schools.)

Voting rights for minorities. (Attorney general nominee opposed voting rights in his state.)

Civil rights. (Trump mocks protesters and reporters who question him.)

Scrutiny of banks. (Eliminate rules that prevent banks from taking bad risks using savers’ money.)

Strong intelligence agencies. (Does not trust their assessments of events or believe in intelligence briefings.)

Freedom of the press. (Trump belittles the media except for those who praise him. He wants to do away with the White House briefing room.

Shakespeare wrote, “How oft the sight of means to do ill deeds makes ill deeds done!”

Michael Giallombardo


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