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Letter: Others are forgiven, so why not Paladino?

Others are forgiven, so why not Paladino?

Former President Barack Obama granted more than 1,715 commutations; 500 of them were life sentences. Spare me the “victimless crime” speech. After 26 years of policing, I witnessed the plague high-level drug dealers carry.

These crimes are forgiven as Christian or by somehow leveling the social playing field by negating perceived biases leveraged against a race or ethnicity.

Yet no such forgiveness for someone who actually contributes to the community. The diatribe against Carl Paladino has no end for some of these churchgoers.

Did you ever see a Dave Chappelle show? How about Don Rickles, Redd Foxx or Archie Bunker? Think anybody finds them offensive? Maybe even racist?

Yet somehow there can be no reprieve for Paladino. This hypocrisy is evident for all who choose to see it. Myself and many others do.

Bill Gambino

Retired, Buffalo Police Department


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