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Letter: Common sense is ignored in debate over gun control

Common sense is ignored in debate over gun control

Another seemingly avoidable tragedy and the brazenness of lawmakers to still blame the lack of guns as the issue has me beginning to wonder about the ability of people to think logically anymore. Case in point: The bill in Florida to allow guns in more public places, including airports.

This is 2017, not the 1700s. Society and technology have changed. We ignore statistical facts that show the U.S. gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher than 22 other high-income nations due to gun access, as published by the American Journal of Medicine in 2016.

The illogical arguments that lessening gun availability only works if all are removed, and falling back on original amendments as sacred icons to justify the idea that guns are a right for all in today’s society, is to me the definition of insanity, or at least a loss of intelligence.

The authors of the Constitution understood the need to make amendments as times change. In fact, the right to bear arms was not even in the original Constitution.

Modern societies develop laws to provide a better place for all, and limits are placed on all to protect against the few who seek to harm others. This argument can be made for any law that I can think of, from building permits, to driving laws, to the right to bear arms.

Ray Opie

Orchard Park

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