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Letter: Manning did not deserve commutation from Obama

Manning did not deserve commutation from Obama

Isn’t it amazing that President Barack Obama, now a private citizen, had the gall to commute the sentence of Army Private Chelsea Manning? This individual compromised our national security by stealing and releasing cables that divulged 215 military and diplomatic operations. This pardon was issued along with others, such as former Gen. James Cartwright, who was convicted and sentenced for lying to the FBI and leaking evidence during an investigation.

In addition, while commander in chief, Obama cut military spending at a time he labeled ISIS a JV operation and drew the line in the sand in Syria that was soon crossed without any fanfare.

Obama’s legacy has further been diminished to its lowest point and jeopardizes our military capabilities and intelligence by sending a message that not only in land conflicts, cyberwarfare has taken a hit in these pardons. Now there is a new sheriff in town and these patterns of neglect will be eliminated and a new direction of consensus will prevail.

Tony Hammill


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