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Letter: CPS decisions are based on what is best for child

CPS decisions are based on what is best for child

Family Court judges, attorneys and Child Protective Services workers engage in the very difficult task of protecting the most vulnerable members of society. They hear heartrending stories every day and then make decisions based on what is best for children.

The amplification of a recent article regarding the placement of a person on the Child Abuse Registry is disturbing. The News chose to place it on the front page and then followed it with an editorial criticizing a decision by a child protection worker to place an individual on the registry. The article noted that different standards are applied by CPS and Family Court when making this decision.

Based on the information provided by The News, this individual called the child abuse hotline over 12 times in a three-year period and contacted his ex-wife’s employer to lie about her. The News’ mention of the father’s past employment seemed a bald attempt at bolstering his case. To those of us who have worked in the field, though, it is relevant in that it is hard to imagine anyone who was not in law enforcement calling the Sheriff’s Department to check on his daughter’s stomachache.

The repeated actions of harassment and intimidation were dealt with appropriately in the original decision. I am disappointed that The News dismisses such abusive actions.

Suzanne Tomkins

Grand Island

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