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Buffalo's Limbo Queen strikes again while waiting for flight

Reading, taking uncomfortable naps, watching television and visiting the bar are common ways to waste time waiting for a flight to board.

Buffalo's Shemika Charles, a two-time Guinness Book of World Records holder for the limbo, stays a bit more limber during her pre-flight routine. Her low-slung adventure under chairs in the waiting area of a Philadelphia airport earlier this week has gone viral.

Watch the video, via CNN, below:

[If the video above does not immediately display, click on the link in the sentence before]

The reaction of the person taking the video was roughly the same as ours.

Charles was headed from Philadelphia to Wisconsin to perform at halftime of the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball game on Jan. 17. You can watch her full act here:

Some of Charles' past feats include doing the limbo under a car, according to Ripley's, as well as setting the Guinness record for distance limbo under a series of bars 12 inches off the ground.

The Trinidadian's first Guinness record was achieved on the set of "Live with Regis and Kelly" in 2010, with a limbo under a bar 8.5 inches from the ground.

You can follow Charles' limbo adventures (and Bills fanhood) on Twitter at @The_LimboQueen or on Instagram at @TheLimboQueen.

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