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Letter: We shouldn’t encourage disrespect for the police

We shouldn’t encourage disrespect for the police

I find it surprising that anyone can defend the painting titled “Untitled #1” hanging in a busy walkway leading to the Capitol Building. Could there be an “Untitled #2” coming soon?

Op-ed columnist Clarence Page sees nothing wrong. Page states that the former high school student from Ferguson, Mo., is simply exercising his right, regardless of the painting displaying disdain and disrespect for the police. He seems to be motivated by the tragedy that happened several years ago when a Ferguson youth fought with a policeman and was killed in the fight.

There must be an adult amongst the panel of judges who approve the paintings to be displayed. If not, that and other walkways may soon display images of various human body parts in living color. Common sense and discretion must prevail over an “in your face” attitude.

Let’s remember that the police are the only barrier keeping society from anarchy.

Anthony F. Frandina


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