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Letter: Politicians, football players bear a striking resemblance

Politicians, football players bear a striking resemblance

Have you ever noticed how frequently politicians resort to the use of football metaphors? I believe that it is because they engage in an activity that bears a striking resemblance to professional football.

Participants in both arenas perform with lots of hype but provide bystanders with little more than entertainment; for every bit of action, there’s a great deal of inactivity; success is limited and incremental; the goal of both is victory by any means; most plans fall far short of the goal; like instant replay, their actions and ideas are repeated endlessly; when failure is imminent, they cede control to their opponents; losers often claim pyrrhic success; large sums of money influence both; and the bellicose nature of both pursuits provides others with vicarious sense of power.

Oh, I forgot an important point. In both professions, they are grossly overpaid and celebrated.

J. Bruce Mitchell

East Aurora

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