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Letter: Loss of our beloved pet leaves us heavy-hearted

Loss of our beloved pet leaves us heavy-hearted

I pushed myself from the comfort of sleep this morning to face an empty bed and a hole in my heart. No big brown eyes in a small, furry dog blinked sleep away to welcome a new day. Three days in and the emptiness still permeates the house. Each of us here is moving slower with the weight of grief. I remind myself it is a small price to pay for 18+ years of love that was unconditional.

The lesson of that special type of love brought to bear with a decision to send our friend on to a better, painless existence. This, despite knowing the ensuing pain for us would be great. A lesson learned by all who temporarily enjoy the unconditional love of a furry roommate. A pain willingly accepted as a thank you for so many years of friendship and love. You taught your lesson well. Rest in peace dear friend. Remember us in your new freedom.

Elisse Antczak


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